What is Bullet Journaling & The Beauty of it!

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With all the noises and distractions that fill the world today, no one can blame you if there are times when you just want to escape from everything. This is probably why bullet journaling, or what cool kids simply refer to as BuJo, has been enjoying explosive popularity these days.

You might have already heard of bullet journaling, especially if you are looking for a way to organize your thoughts, goals, and to-do lists in a somewhat scientific system in a notebook.

But for those who might not be too familiar with bullet journaling, it may seem a bit complicated and even overwhelming at first. However, there is a certain beauty to bullet journaling that makes it an enticing activity you should try soon.


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The designer Ryder Carroll developed an analog organizational system in 2013 known as bullet journaling. The method that only requires a pen and an empty notebook has the purpose of tracking the past, organizing the present, and planning for the future. Ryder explained that he needed a flexible system that can handle anything he throws at it and is also quick enough that it won’t get in the way.

A bullet journal is made up of sections or building blocks called modules. The modules include a future log for long-term or big-picture planning. It also has a monthly log that resembles a calendar with shorter-term goals and tasks, as well as a daily log for the more immediate or urgent stuff.  You can also create an index page at the very beginning of your bullet journal. This will tie everything together to make it easier for you to find whatever you need.

Unlike calendars or other planners with a limited amount of space for each day and without actual sections for random thoughts, bullet journals are an amazing depository for all your thoughts and ideas.


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Why Keep a Bullet Journal?

Now that you know what a bullet journal is, it’s time to discover its beautiful benefits that you shouldn’t miss:

* It simplifies goal tracking.

Bullet journaling is one of the easiest ways of tracking your important tasks and goals. After you write these down, you will have a streamlined record of your overall action plan.  While some things might get pushed back now and then, one of the best things about modules is that you can simply move your tasks around until you finally get to accomplish them.

* It doesn’t cost that much.

A writing device and a notebook are the only things you need to get started with bullet journaling. Other pocket-friendly supplies you might want to include are tapes and markers. The beauty of bullet journaling is that it can be as cheap as you want or need it to be.

* You can customize it as much as you want.

While bullet journals were traditionally used only to log daily, monthly, and future tasks and goals, the sky is the limit when it comes to things you can include. From the list of your favorite groceries to the movies you plan to watch, and books you wish to read, you can add pretty much anything to the pages of your bullet journal.

"Peachy Summer" Sticker Set (23pcs)
“Peachy Summer” Sticker Set (23pcs)

Start the BuJo practice today and experience the beauty of bullet journaling for yourself!

What is Bullet Journaling & The Beauty of it!

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