Vintage BuJo | Ideas for a Vintage Bujo theme

We just love Vintage theme! That is why our e-shop is filled more and more with beautiful vintage things. Stamps, papers, washi tapes, stickers, and sticky notes, all here to give you inspiration for your next creation!
There are many ways to enrich your calendar. And of course, Vintage is a theme with so many alternatives. Below you may find, some ideas for your own bullet journal that will inspire you!
IDEAS AND WAYS for your next BuJo
* Choose a pastel color combination that will look aesthetically beautiful and quiet… vintagy!
* Use markers, pens, and crayons in the same color combinations.
* Colored papers! Many, various and of course cut-sew-make what you want!
* Stickers & sticky notes. What else to say? We LOVE Stickers!
* Washi tapes; make frames, dividers, and backgrounds for your quotes using washi tapes!
* Watercolors! We love watercolors and of course it’s time to take your own out of your drawer and use them
* Make dividers with dots, dashes, and other small designs!
* Learn Fancy Fonts. New fonts always make your calendar more interesting!
* And of course… STAMPS!!!!

Watch the video and get inspired for your next BuJo!!


And as we always say: Let your imagination run wild and enjoy it!

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