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PASTEL Collection

You’re gonna love it!

If you love pastel palettes, this collection is made just for you! Enjoy!

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“My Notes” Notebooks

Notebooks with a soft cover! Choose your favorite color!

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“Calligraphy” Fountain Pen

Join the magic world of Calligraphy with your new fav fountain pen in pastel colors; blue, pink, and green!

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“My Index” Memo Sticker

Need a hand to organize your thoughts and tasks? Or Pastel memos will help you 😉

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PASTEL Collection!

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“Light & Easy” Washi Tapes


“My Color Palette” Planner Set


Pen-style Paper Cutter


“My Fault” Correction Roller Tape


“All in here” Pencil Case




“Mea Culpa” Eraser


“Sharp” Pencil Sharpener


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