Origami Stars | Learn how to make Origami stars!

From the first day that these special Origami papers came to the MS e-shop, we loved them! We tried them (us and our little ones!) and decided that we must write a how-to article about them and of course some ideas on how to use them after making them!

Watch the video and start “staring”!


* PERFECT in an old jam jar for decor in the children’s room or in your own unique stationery corner!
* Another idea for creators, include some Origami stars in the packages you send along with your orders!
* Don’t forget that you can make small cute Lucky-Stars Origami with your children, use them to learn to count, or just play and decorate collage drawings!
* Another idea, PARTY Decorations!
* You can also hang them on your tree with thin threads.
* Do not be surprised by how healing this process is. The art of Origami requires patience, concentration and, simply said, it helps you get it!

These are just a few ideas! Let your imagination run wild! Enjoy the colors and the relaxation 🙂

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