Calligraphy | The basic steps to get you started today with 10 minutes a day!

Well, grab your brush pens, and let’s get started! Would you ever imagine that you can learn calligraphy (or at least, the basics!) with just 10 minutes of practice a day? Yeap, you can!
You can start with simple steps, such as learning to write the English alphabet in the simplest ways using the basic “brushstrokes”.
Remember that you do not need to spend infinite money on materials and tools. For starters. you only need a “brush pen” and a millimeter paper to help you better measure the space of the letters based on the grids. To practice, you can find several videos online, as well as practice papers. Just print the worksheets and start the practice. You can find, for example, some calligraphy worksheets for free here.
So if you are wondering what you can do in a week, we suggest the following program:
MONDAY: Basic lines
No need to hurry! On the first day, dedicate it to getting used to the way the brush pen “works”, try some ups and downs, i.e. the basics, straight lines, oblique lines, loops, U-shapes, so that you can then move much more comfortably with your pen forming letters (and then of course … words!). Thick and thin lines alternate on paper and the first step to start calligraphy, IS DONE!
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TUESDAY: Practice on the letters A-I
To make your practice easier, divide the alphabet into sections in which you will dedicate the time you want day by day. Start with A to I. They may seem few, but believe us, each letter needs special practice. So spend 10 minutes specifically on these letters. Learn their lines in uppercase and lowercase. The more you repeat the letters, the faster you will start writing them!
WEDNESDAY: Practice on the letters J-R
Now that you’ve got the flow, do not stop! Continue with the next set of letters. Try to keep uni lines with the right thickness. When you are comfortable enough with the letters, you will be able to write from simple quotes to wedding cards and invitations! Yas!
THURSDAY: Practice on the letters S-Z
You know the process. Keep up the good work;)
Photo @samzawrites
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Connect your letters You’re going great! And now it’s time to combine the letters into words!! Start with small words that make you happy and continue with more complex ones. Remember that the goal is not speed! Take your time and learn one word at a time, repeat writing it on paper until you feel comfortable! Calligraphy is nothing but …. practice!!! SUNDAY: Try phrases Dedicate Sunday’s 10 minutes to your favorite phrases! Practice your favorite quotes using the alphabet you just learned! You can now give your words color, style, and make each word more complex. The limit is only your imagination! Leave yourself free, and Imagination will lead you on amazing results!!
Photo @samzawrites

So? It was not so difficult after all! With 10 minutes a day, you started learning calligraphy! Of course, you can use this new skill … in your next BuJo!


Watch the video and practice!


And of course, do not forget! Practice is everything!

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