Bullet Journal is good for you!

Το Bullet Journal κάνει καλό!
If Bullet journaling is already a part of your life, then you may have noticed not only how enjoyable the process is, but also how therapeutic it can be!

With colors, pens, pencils, markers, watercolors, stickers, and washi tapes, sometimes just more minimal designs without much decor, no matter how it looks, Bullet Journaling, trust us, has already helped you a lot to grow and believe in yourself! That’s why we decided to dedicate this blog post to the ways bullet journaling helps our mental health and well-being!

1. It’s a pleasure!

Bullet Journal is a safe space for creativity and expression! If it has become a chore, you probably need to change something! There are so many things you can try and your expression will definitely change as you progress over time, but the important thing is to always enjoy it! Even if you love things you see in other bullet journalists, follow the path that speaks most to you. Only then will you truly feel the difference and the magic of doing something enjoyable!

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2. Clear mind

How can we have a clear mind in times when information is hitting us relentlessly from everywhere? It must be extremely difficult. Because apart from everything we hear and see around us… life is happening! And everything we think about loads our minds with stress and thoughts and emotions that often tend to short-circuit us!

A bullet journal, if you think about it, is an act of acknowledging our thoughts, and writing them down on paper has a similar effect to talking to someone. By expressing all that we have within us, we find the space and time to really process it and perhaps find a solution soon to what is troubling us. But even if the solution is not found, after our bullet journal experience, our heads will be empty!

What could you write down on paper? Your thoughts and reflections, questions that are on your mind, on a daily or even weekly basis, and at the end of the week or month, take stock and finally observe… where you are today! On a more practical note, to-do lists are a good choice for organization and decompression!

3. Mood Tracker >> a quick daily check-in with ourselves!

The mood tracker is essentially a mood monitor that is a great way to do a quick daily check-in with ourselves. By pausing from our daily routine and noting how we feel, we give ourselves the opportunity to monitor what’s going on and be in touch with what we’re feeling at any given time.

Whether in a simple way, like emotional faces or even notes and colors, the mood tracker is a perfect way to talk openly with ourselves about what’s going on in our inner world! With this practice, we can also track our mental health transitions and eventually notice events and situations that affect it, such as lack of sleep or a pleasant event like a kiss or a coffee with a good friend!

Photo credit: Marthas Journal on Instagram
Photo credit: Eva on Instagram

4. Habit tracker >> by changing habits, I change my life!

Along with mood tracking, we can try a habit tracker. By coloring the days completed and each habit, we can track our exercise, sleep, maybe some medication, hydration, nutrition, etc. Adopting good habits that we know well will benefit our health and well-being may not be so easy due to our busy lives, so tracking our progress when it happens certainly motivates us to go further!

Try to identify patterns of the absence of similar days by correlating most low-mood days with the absence of perhaps some good habits that have affected your mental health and vice versa!

Photo credit: Sami Journals on Instagram
5. Mindfulness!

We left this very important point for the end… Mindfulness! Being present in your life when it happens is probably the biggest challenge of everyday life. But what does that mean? We can bring mindfulness into our lives with simple things, like turning off the taps and enjoying the bite of a favorite food, or the smell of a fragrance we love! But also being truly here when talking to someone, listening to a song, or just sitting and watching the waves crashing in the sea!

What a great way to relieve stress and anxiety! All it requires is our real and conscious presence, here and now!
Being aware of where we are and what we are doing, without allowing your mind to be judgmental of us if we slip away for a while. Essentially it means being fully immersed and focused on our surroundings and our activity so that our mind is not running away uncontrollably.

The goal is to really enjoy bullet journaling! It is definitely a tool that will help us to completely empty our minds of stress, being so focused on what we are doing at that moment!

So, what do you think? Maybe it’s time for you to give it a try?

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