Nurture Your Mind with a Thread & a Needle: Embroidery benefits

Nurture Your Mind with a Thread & a Needle: Embroidery benefits

Embroidery has always been known for being a quaint hobby. The beauty of the needlework and the time and effort exerted on every embroidered piece is truly fascinating not only for onlookers but even to the people behind the creations themselves. But did you know that embroidery is also considered an effective form of art […]

What is Bullet Journaling & The Beauty of it!

"Peachy Summer" Sticker Set (23pcs)

With all the noises and distractions that fill the world today, no one can blame you if there are times when you just want to escape from everything. This is probably why bullet journaling, or what cool kids simply refer to as BuJo, has been enjoying explosive popularity these days. You might have already heard […]

STAMPS 101: Stamps in Bullet Journal

"Forever" Wooden Stamp Set (7pcs)

Stamps are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why! Now more than ever, the market is filled with all sorts of stamps, from simple and cute designs to more complex and professional-looking ones. And the best thing about stamps is that you can use them to create amazing pages for your […]

Origami | 13 Simple designs that you will love!

Origami (折り紙, Japanese pronunciation: [oɾiɡami] or [oɾiꜜɡami], from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper” (kami changes to gami due to rendaku)) is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, the word “origami” is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin.

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