My Stationerywas born from the love of two girls for crafts and all the unique and special materials that can brighten up our day and add uniqueness to every moment.

If you are a fan of hand-crafted planners and you love journaling or you want to get to know the art of scrapbooking, if every trip of yours is followed by a handmade mini travel-scrapbook with your memories or you are just obsessed with postcards and vintage stamps, if you are interested in the art of origami, if you love vintage-style papers and if (like us!) you often choose mail as a way of communication and every time you look for the perfect envelope to enclose your letter, if you are a creator and you are looking for something special to make your small business even more unique or if you just love to play around with beautiful stationery and you want to meet new materials…

Welcome to our e-shop! My Stationery is dedicated to stationery and it promised you that it will grow day by day enriching its variety of products!

And… let’s not forget! The only e-shop that changes its aesthetics as the seasons change!

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